About Julia


i’ve been a pretty lucky girl throughout my life. being at the right place at the right time—or so it seems to me, at least in terms of my career. my work took me all over the world; i’ve gotten to build, design and fabricate almost everything imaginable: a 50’ walrus, a 12’ scale model of the hindenburg (yes we got to blow it up) ,a computer controlled 3D christmas extravaganza on radio city music hall’s marquee and that’s not even scratching the surface. i learned a ton of stuff about materials, budgets, deadlines, professionalism, and ultimately about priorities. i finally realized what i really wanted to do, what i really needed to do was start making my sculpture again.

so here i am--some 20 odd years after graduate school and making the statement, “hmmm, i think i’ll just check out hollywood before i leave california...” here i am, tucked in the foothills of western north carolina, trading out the bizarre food chain of the entertainment industry for the even more bizarre food chain of the art world. so be it. i somehow know i’m home, that making my art is exactly what i should be doing and i’m pretty sure that my brain is much, much bigger.